Saturday, April 11, 2015

March 2015

North Sjælland Zone Training

South Jylland Zone Training

West Sjælland Zone Training

Departure of Elder & Sister Andersen

Arrival of Elder & Sister Warnsdorf

Departure of Sister Barrett

Sjælland Zones Conference

Jylland Zones Conference

1 Month Specialized Training

Departure of 6 great missionaries

Elder Madsen

Elder Walch

Elder Swan

Elder Wawro

Elder Ludlow

Elder Christensen

Arrival of Elder Eaves

Arrival of Elder Halversen

Arrival of Elder McDougall

Arrival of Elder Jensen

Arrival of Elder Lee

Arrival of Elder Light

A few Elders wrote and sang a birthday song for me

Departure of  Sister & Elder Middlemas

Jacob got engaged to Brooke Wilcox
Jarom is loving South Korea
Paisley with Dad & Mom on her blessing day

Friday, March 13, 2015

February 2015

Lunch with some missionaries after Zone Training
Departure of Sister Packard

Departure of Elder Petersen

At the airport 

West Sjælland Zone Training

South Jylland Zone Training

North Sjælland Zone Training
North Jylland Zone Training

Departure of 7 great missionaries

Sister Hendersen

Sister Hale

Sister Grant

Elder Lyman

Elder Knudsen

Elder Child

Elder Earl

At the airport
Arrival of Elder Gudmundson

Arrival of Sister Ferguson

Arrival of Sister Landvatter

Arrival of Sister Williams

Arrival of Sister Orr

The New Missionaries and companions in front of the Temple

Arrival of Sister & Elder Morgan

Mission Leadership Council

Maury, Annika and Heather at the Ward Festelavn Activity

Heather play games at Festelavn

Heather beating the barrel at Festelavn

Lincoln with Mom & Dad on his blessing day